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Marion County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Numbers

Marion County consolidated with the City of Indianapolis, the Indiana State capital and largest city, to form a new entity called Unigov. The primary law enforcement agency in the city-county area is the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department while the Marion County Sheriff’s Department manages the county’s jails and inmates, secures county government facilities, and provides court services.

The latest crime data for Marion County (and Indianapolis) comes from the FBI UCR program. In 2017, the county recorded 11,616 violent crimes and 38,416 property crimes. These figures represent a 2.4% dip in violent crime rate and a 7.5% drop in property crime rate. A breakdown of the county’s 2017 violent crime incidences reveals that there were 156 murders, 668 rapes, 3,485 robberies, and 7,307 aggravated assaults. Property crime incidences include 8,945 burglaries, 24,569 larceny thefts, 4,904 motor vehicle thefts, and 256 arsons.

Compared to the previous year, murder (5.4%), aggravated assault (2.9%), and arson (1.6%) rates grew while there were fewer incidences of rape (2.3%), robbery (12.3%), burglary (12.4%), larceny theft (6.7%), and motor vehicle theft (1.8%).

Criminal Records

Copies of accident and police reports for Marion County are available from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD). To obtain these records, visit the Citizens’ Services Desk in Suite E100 of the Police Headquarters situated at 50 North Alabama Street, Indianapolis. The office opens to the public from Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The IMPD charges 4 cents per page for incident reports and $12 per accident report.

The Indiana State Police provides Limited Criminal History records that only cover felony and Class A misdemeanor arrests that occur within the state of Indiana. To obtain such criminal records, download and complete a Request Form. Send it by mail to:

Indiana State Police
Limited Criminal History Check
P.O. Box 6188
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6188
Indiana State Police

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for registering sex offenders living, working, and attending school in the county. In accordance with state laws, it makes sex offender information available online. Search the Marion County Sex Offender Registry to find registered offenders by name, email address, zip code, or street address. The database also provides information about non-compliant offenders.

Inmate records and jail information are also available from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Check the Sheriff’s Office webpage on the county website to find links to information about visiting and calling inmates as well as sending mail and money. The Sheriff provides a handy inmate locator tool to help find individuals incarcerated in Marion County Jail I and Marion County Jail II. Here are the addresses and contact information of both correctional facilities:

Marion County Jail I
40 S. Alabama Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 327-1574

Marion County Jail II
730 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 266-0882

Court Records

The Marion County Clerk’s Office keeps court records for the county. Current records (for open cases and recently closed ones) are usually available at the courthouses where cases are heard. Some Marion County court records are available on the Case Search database of the Indiana State Judicial System. Select different Marion County courts from the Court drop-down menu to restrict your search to the records of these courts.

For court records maintained by the county, the Clerk’s Office charges $1 per page for regular copies and $2 per page for certified copies. Cash, money order, cashier’s check, and debit/credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. The County Clerk also accepts mail requests for court records. Make sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope and payment with each request. Send mail requests to:

Marion County Clerk’s Office
City-County Building
200 E. Washington Street
Suite W122
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Visit this office to request civil case records in person. For criminal case documents, visit the court that disposed the case. Use the statewide Case Search database to find civil and criminal case records disposed over the past year. For paper copies of these records, visit the County Clerk’s Office in the City-County Building or the Records Department at 1330 S. Madison Avenue, Indianapolis.

Juvenile records are available at the Juvenile Court located at 25th Street and Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis. Note that these are only available to individuals involved in requested cases.

Request copies of Marion County Probate Court records at the Probate Court located at Room 1741 of the City-County Building. For Traffic Court records, visit the courthouse at 8115 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis.

Contact Information of Marion County Courts

Circuit Court
200 E. Washington St., #W506
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Pho: (317) 327-4010
Fax: (317) 327-4473

Superior Court-Civil Division
200 E. Washington St., #T-1221
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Pho: (317) 327-4747
Fax: (317) 327-3844

Superior Court -Criminal Division
200 E. Washington St., #T-1221
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Pho: (317) 327-4747
Fax: (317) 327-3844

Superior Court-Juvenile Division
2451 North Keystone Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Pho: (317) 327-8392
Fax: (317) 327-8301

Superior Court -Probate Division
200 E. Washington St., #T-1221
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Pho: (317) 327-4747
Fax: (317) 327-3844

Superior Court-Traffic Court
8115 E. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46229
Pho: (317) 327-7995

Beech Grove City Court
802 Main Street, City Hall
Beech Grove, IN 46107
Pho: (317) 803-9155

Cumberland Town Court
11501 E. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46229
Pho: (317) 894-6217

Center Township Small Claims Court
300 E. Fall Creek Parkway N. Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Pho: (317) 920-4530
Fax: (317) 920-4534

Decatur Township Small Claims Court
3730 South Foltz St.
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Pho: (317) 241-2854
Fax: (317) 247-5960

Franklin Township Small Claims Court
4351 Independence Square
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Pho: (317) 784-1751
Fax: (317) 784-1871

Lawrence Township Small Claims Court
4455 McCoy St.
Indianapolis, IN 46226
Pho: (317) 545-2369
Fax: (317) 545-1662

Perry Township Small Claims Court
4925 S. Shelby St., #100
Indianapolis, IN 46227
Pho: (317) 786-9242
Fax: (317) 788-4826

Pike Township Small Claims Court
5665 Lafayette Rd., Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Pho: (317) 293-1842
Fax: (317) 290-8319

Warren Township Small Claims Court
501 N. Post Rd., Suite C
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Pho: (317) 327-8919
Fax: (317) 327-8922

Washington Township Small Claims Court
5302 N. Keystone Ave., Suite E
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Pho: (317) 327-8184
Fax: (317) 327-819

Wayne Township Small Claims Court
5401 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Pho: (317) 241-9573
Fax: (317) 248-7917

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Vital Records

The Marion County Clerk’s Office maintains divorce records for the county. To obtain copies of a divorce decree, visit or send a mail request to:

Marion County Clerk’s Office
Civil Filing Division
200 E. Washington Street, Room W140
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3381

The office opens to the public from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Mail in a completed copy of the order form. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order covering copy fees. Cash is only acceptable for in-person requests. The County Clerk charges $1 per page for copies of divorce decrees. There is an additional fee of $1 per record for certification.

Marion County Clerk’s Office also provides certified copies of marriage licenses in person and by mail. The fee for a certified copy is $2 payable by cash and debit/credit card for in-person requests and money order for mail requests. To get certified copies of a marriage license, complete this order form and include payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Send these to:

Marion County Clerk’s Office
Records Division
1330 Madison Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46625

Visit the same address to obtain copies of marriage licenses issued before June 1990. For marriages after June 1990, come to:

Marion County Clerk’s Office
Marriage License Division
200 East Washington Street, Room W-122

Residents of Marion County can also obtain plain copies of marriage licenses. These are available online using the Marriage License Public Lookup tool.

The Marion County Public Health Department is responsible for issuing birth and death certificates for events that occurred in the county. To obtain these vital records, visit the office at:

Hasbrook Building, First Floor
3838 North Rural Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205-2930

It opens to the public between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Wednesday’s business hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The Public Health Department also accepts mail requests. Download, complete, and notarize a Birth Certificate Request Form (Spanish version) or a Death Certificate Request Form (Spanish). Send the completed form along with photocopies of a valid ID and a check or money order for fees to:

Vital Records – Mail Service
Marion County Public Health Department
3838 North Rural Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205-2930

The fee for a certified copy of a death certificate is $20 while a certified copy laminated in plastic is $22. The Public Health Department charges 25 cents for each non-certified copy of death certificates issued from 1952 to the present. For death records prepared before 1952, the Department charges $10 for each non-certified copy.The fee for a full or wallet-size birth certificate is $15. A birth certificate laminated with plastic costs $17. Make check or money order payable to Marion County Public Health Department.